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Is there a bomb in your home?

Because of built in safety devices most water heaters safely operate day in, day out without any major problems. But don't let the excellent safety record of water heaters lull you into forgetting about the explosive potential of these marvels of convenience. When a water heater explodes, it releases a tremendous blast force which can easily demolish a building.

Randall Hilton and crew, with help from the Service Roundtable has prepared this video of a water heater explosion as a demonstration of the explosive power of a simple water heater. The hot water tank explodes using the steam pressure that any water heater can generate when the thermostat and temperature pressure relief valve (T&P valve or PT valve) malfunction. We were impressed by how far the tank flew after the water heater exploded. Click on the links below to view the video. Then, visit the Q&A page for warning signs as well as simple steps which can help you prevent your own water heater from exploding.

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Water Heater Blast: Low Resolution (for dial up users)
Water Heater Blast: High Resolution (for hi-speed users)
Note: video is in Windows Media Player format.



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